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BAME in Hospitality (BIH) was founded by Lorraine Copes, who is a senior leader within the Hospitality sector and has a career spanning 18 years, working for leading brands such as Elior UK, TGI Fridays, Shake Shack, Gordon Ramsay Restaurants and Corbin & King. The lack of diversity and feeling of belonging has been visible and felt throughout her career, and having lived this experience, she is keen to help to change this narrative for BAME within Hospitality.

We are committed to accelerating diversity and inclusion within hospitality by, supporting BAME within Hospitality, providing an insightful understanding of the BAME experience, and collaborating in order to move the needle forward.

We will do this by SUVVE:-

  • Support – Mentoring and coaching. Network support, as facing discrimination causes emotional pain, stress and feelings of isolation.
  • Understand – Gain clarity and understanding of the BAME experience within the sector. To measure where we are, versus where we should be.
  • Voice – Representing BAME within the sector.
  • Visibility – Role models, storytelling, lack of career progression.
  • Education – Collaborate with companies and the education system.

Our mission is to Empower, Inspire and Connect.

Our values are Authenticity, Integrity, Respect and Collaboration.

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BAME within hospitality
BAME entrepeneurs